Ladan fb

The barn is located south of Slingerstigen and at an angle with the nearby Bindstugan. It is very likely a storage building that belonged to Nedergården in Neglinge village. There is no certain information about when the building was originally built. But on a land surveying map from 1854 there is a building drawn, which in size and location corresponds well with the barn. It was used in the past to store grain, fodder and probably also tools.
The barn is built on two levels with an internal staircase. The lower level is divided into two rooms.

In the outer room
Some larger older objects are stored in the outer room. There is a sled and a wagon undercarriage from the time when farming was still carried out at the farm.

In the inner room
on the ground floor, the Homeland Association´s collection of historical writings and books is kept. There is also an exhibition of maps of Saltsjöbaden and adjacent areas. The map material covers the period from the 1690s until the middle of the 20th century. Some of the maps and many writings and books are for sale through the Homeland Association.

Upper floor
A staircase leads up to the upper floor which is mostly used as a storage space.

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